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If your under 18 then jump in joy because this site has more blood, gore, violence, and death than you'll see anywhere else! If you get extra hyper when you drink orange coolaid then this probly isnt the site for you. Go get your mommy !

Cops CopsII
Suicide Football
Don't piss him off! Road RAGE
Television Flame-thrower
The Axe-ident Hand to Hand Combat
STAR WARS The New Ball
Bladder Control A very sharp forklift
The Torture Chamber The Power of Nature
The Bike Jump Monster Truck
Backhoe Masacre The Lawnmowerman
How to set a guy on FIRE Anna and Reed duke it out
The Stickland Chainsaw Masacre ....the time I "borrowed" an animation....
A VERY Powerfull Engine ....the time I beat up that girl....
Robots have feelings too... Fiziks
For all you Hampsterdance Fans out there 100 ways to kill a stick
Cleedis the slack jaw yokle
(parental discretion advised) "this ones really big so beware"

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